Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting One Dollar Chair Cover Rentals of Chicago, in order to help answer some of your questions/concerns we have answers below to some of the most common questions we receive regarding our rentals.

1. Question: Are there pickup locations outside of the Chicago area?

Sorry, there are not. Our only location is in Orland Park, IL.

2. Question: How do I get my rental?

Answer: You have two options.

Option 1: You pickup the items you are renting 1-2 days before your event and return them 1-2 days after your event.

Option 2: We deliver the items and pick them up when your event is over. Fee: $80.00. Note*: Delivery does not include setup.

3. Question: What will the chair covers and/or sashes look like when I pick them up? Do I need to iron them?

Answer: Your chair covers will be cleaned for you and ready to use right away. No, we don’t iron them. We fold them while they are still warm and place them in a plastic bin in order to minimize wrinkling. There is always some wrinkling though. Yes, it is OK for you to iron them to remove any wrinkles.

4. Question: How can I pay for the rental?

Answer: Cash, cashiers check, credit card, money order and PayPal are accepted.

5. Question: Is a deposit required to reserve a rental?

Answer: Yes, a 50% security deposit is required in order to reserve your order. The  security deposit will be refunded to you when the rented items are returned and accounted for.

6. Question: Do I have to wash/clean the rented chair covers/sashes when I am done using them?

Answer: No.

7. Question: Is there a charge for missing items?

Answer: Yes.

8. Question: What if I cancel, do I get my money back?

Answer: 50% of the security deposit is refunded for cancelled orders.

9. Question: Is sash setup included?

Answer: No. You are responsible for setting up yourself.

10. Question: What material are the chair covers made up of?

Answer: Polyester

11. Question: What material are the sashes made of?

Answer: Satin